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Blog from 7th December 2006 Empty Blog from 7th December 2006

Post by Admin-Emily on Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:30 pm

Hey everyone itís Quinny here. I canít get over all the support I have from all of you lot who join this space.
I am so GRATEFUL you would not believe how made up I am with all my fans you are the best. I try as much as I
can to read the comments on the space when I get chance in the Xfactor
house or if I am out and about. You are all amazing I love you all LOADS.

If you wanna hear me singing the winning song on the xfactor final
I really need all of you to vote like mad for me this Saturday.
You are the best. Take it easy. Yeah baby. VOTE VOTE VOTE
Love ya lahs Ray x

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