Another bit in Ray's tour programme

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Another bit in Ray's tour programme

Post by Admin-Emily on Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:18 pm

X Factor:
Who doyou stay in touch with from X Factor? Leona and the Macdonald Brothers - and of course the production crew. I bump into them randomly working on different shows. It's great to stay in touch!
Best thing about X Factor? That I got to release an album and it went straight to the top baby!
What was the worst thing about X Factor? Being rejected after bootcamp stage and bought back. It felt like Simon tore my heart out and then he changed his mind - I nearly dropped to the floor! I bawled my eyes out!
What would you be doing now if you hadn't been on X Factor? I like to think I would be dancing in a musical on the West End. X Factor has given me great opportunities. It changed my life and I'll never forget it.
Who was your favourite judge? Well obviously it was Simon! I had a great time in LA with Sharon while I was recording my album. She invited me over for Sunday lunch at her mansion! And I had a great time meeting Ozzy, Jack and all 101 of the dogs.
What was your favourite week/theme on X Factor? When I sang with Westlife in the final.
Who have you met since the show that has given you good advice? I have met so many people who have given me so many different bits of advice and I can't remember an of them!

Baby Ballroom:
How was Baby Ballroom? I absolutely loved it! I wish it had gone on longer than 3 weeks though. The kids were inspiring, so inspiring infact that I'm starting my ballroom dancing lessons again, how exciting! The whole thing was just a great experience!

On tour:
What's on your rider? Red Bull (sugar free), Diet Coke, honey, lemon, tea, Jaffa Cakes and Wine Gums.
What one thing couldn't you live without on tour? PSP.
What do you do on the tour bus to pass time? Sleep and play on my PSP.
What do you do before you go on stage every night? Warm up my voice of course, and jump up and down a lot to get the blood flowing and usually I do a load of press ups too.
Is Liverpool a harder show for you as it's your home town? No I can't wait!
What do you want people to take home after the gig tonight? Lots of merchandise!
How involved have you been with putting the tour together? As involved as possible. I spend my life driving back and forwards to London for meetings.
What's the food like on tour? Absolutely gorgeous. You get something different every night - the hardest thing is not eating too much that I am too full to dance!
Do you miss home when you're on the road? No, not really. I'm a 'get up and go' kind of person and when you're on tour, you work so closely with everyone that they become a second family. It's a very happy and supportive environment to be in as everyone is working towards the same goal of putting on the best show possible.
Which song do you most enjoy singing each night? One of my personal favourites is Mr Bojangles as I get to do some tap dancing but it's different every night as it completely depends on the audience. The song they enjoy the most, I enjoy the most.
What's the rudest thing someone has shouted at you from the audience? Knock off, knock off, get your bleeping top off! (Use your imagination)
How do you wind down after a gig? I try and hold on to the buzz for as long as I can. I don't really want to wind down after a gig.
Do you get nervous before you go on stage? No - I get an adrenalin rush and can't wait to get onstage, and as you will find out tonight it's hard to get me off stage!

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Re: Another bit in Ray's tour programme

Post by Hels on Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:32 pm

i would love to see ray do another tour again..


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